In this section you will find a list of usual questions from information requests or doubts. We work for clear and adequate answers to information or guide requirements.

  1. No. This web page has another purposes and we are not able to get that kind of information. In this case, please go to the area of Citizen Services.
  2. No. All available information is already at the website. As soon as we have access to Program's working papers, we will share them here.
    • External Evaluation Program's Normativity.
    • Result Framework matrix required by law for monitoring each program (PROSPERA & PAL).
    • Different kind of Program evaluation for some periods of time.
    • Thesis, articles or working papers published with Program information shared with the External Evaluation Team.
    • Questionnaires and databases generated with information of Program beneficiaries.
  3. Probably it is non-official information or it was made by SEDESOL (Department of Social Development in Mexico). In some cases we are not able or authorized to obtain those databases.
  4. I have a question/doubt about a field or variable in a database. How can I get any help?
  5. The .sav files correspond to SPSS IBM software. With Open source software R project and library called "foreign" is another way to handle those files.
  6. No. If you are a citizen and have any doubt about this web content, we will guide you.

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  • If you have any questionabout PROSPERA(inquiries or comments about Program's operation, frecuently questions, phone numbers, etc) please go to:
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