PROSPERA Social inclusion Program and the External Evaluation.

Since the beginning, PROSPERA has considered the development of its external evaluation as an essential and continuous process that constitutes the cornerstone of an integrated system for assessing the program´s performance, in order to implement adjustments to achieve its goals and objectives.

Topics that belong to such process are:

  • Program design and operation;
  • Education of children and young beneficiaries ;
  • Consumer dynamics of households;
  • Women condition;
  • Community involvement;
  • Efficiency targeting of cash transfers, among others.

Background of PROSPERA.

  1. (1997) Program began operations on rural areas under the name of PROGRESA.
  2. (2002) The National Coordination of Oportunidades is created to replace PROGRESA.
  3. (2010) The National Coordination of Oportunidades became responsible of Alimentary Support Program (PAL) and its operations.

Although the program has achieved positive results, experience has proven that the mere extension of basic skills of individuals and families in poverty is not enough to reduce their vulnerability.

Creation of PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program (September 2014).

Oportunidades decree was modified to create the PROSPERA program. With PROSPERA, general objectives from Oportunidades remain (education, health and alimentation) and the Program expands its intersectoral interventions range with programs for:

  • Productive development
  • Generating income
  • Economic welfare
  • Programs related to basic social rights

These programs are reflected in multidimensional measurement of poverty in Mexico.

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