In this section, the databases, structures, and questionnaires that make up the qualitative and quantitative information of External Evaluation of the Oportunidades Program and PROSPERA, are made available in rural and urban homes.

Quantitative Evaluation
Qualitative Evaluation
Socioeconomic and demographic information of PROSPERA
Socioeconomic and demographic information of PROSPERA

In this section you will find the panel type databases with the socioeconomic information and historical demographic (2004-2018) most relevant of the families that are or have been beneficiaries of PROSPERA, comprises your initial survey, as well as your subsequent surveys to determine your permanence in the Program over time

Acceso a las bases
Geostatistical Information
Geostatistical Information

In this section you will find maps, georeferenced information and statistics of the program's coverage over time.

Acceso a las bases

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